These memorable lines from James' 1993 hit 'Laid' defined a decade becoming the soundtrack to early 90s alternative radio and then finding a second life through its use in teen hit American Pie. Now the band are heading to Australia for the very first time in their career to celebrate the release of their fourteenth album 'Girl at the End of the World', presented by MJR.

JAMES had already had a decade of hits by the time Laid arrived, having risen from Manchester's legendary Factory Records scene into one of the biggest UK bands in the world by the dawn of the 90s. With alternative hits in Australia including Laid, Sit Down, Sound, Getting Away With It (All Messed Up), She's a Star and Just Like Fred Astaire, the band were triple j staples for over fifteen years, yet never ventured downunder.... Until now.

James are visiting Australia this November for four special shows. After internal struggles kicked off a long hiatus in 2001, the band reconciled in 2007 and continued their prosperous career, getting back on the live trail. Their new album 'Girl at the End of the World' has become their most popular in over a decade, debuting at #2 in the UK charts (only behind Adele!). The accompanying live shows just finished across the UK have been the bands broadest ever tour, receiving rave reviews - "It's not hard to grasp the enduring appeal of James... With a hit album, a sellout tour and no sign of the tunes running out, James are, without a doubt, the indie rock dream made flesh" - The Observer.

'Girl at The End of the World' sees the band team with producer Max Dingel (The Killers, Muse, White Lies) with the legendary Brian Eno infusing his unique influence into the blend. The new album is both anthemic and euphoric, with its simmering electronica continuing James' long connection to the dance floor. The band's trademark songwriting and Tim Booth's distinctive vocal & evocative lyrics prove once again to be amongst Britain's finest.

"Bands talk about that difficult second album but it's the trickster 14th one that's the real M*&^%R F&%$#R," says Tim Booth of the making of the new record. "As always with James it's a collaborative process allowing ample room for improvisation, intuition, skill and dumb luck. From the outside our process looks like chaos but chaos is our friend and we have a history that gives us confidence that something magical will eventually appear. We've been trying to come down under for many years - something never quite fell right. Really looking forward to meeting new friends and making up for lost time."

The tour will kick off at Brisbane's Tivoli, followed by The Metro in Sydney, Melbourne's 170 Russell and will wind up in Fremantle at The Metropolis.

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