HUON VALLEY, TASMANIA, 03 MAY 2016 - Willie Smith's Cider will warm up the Huon Valley this 15 - 17 July with three days of whimsical and captivating fireside entertainment for the annual Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival. Based on the ancient pagan tradition of awakening dormant apple trees and warning away evil spirits for a plentiful harvest, the Huon Valley Mid Winter Festival is a captivating blend of rituals, feasting, live music and some of Australia's leading performers and storytellers. Two highlight performances to entertain festival-goers include street theatre by Annie Lee of the Kransky Sisters with her whacky world of potion peddlers and freaks in 'Woolfzingers Cider Show Alley' as well as raconteur Jackie Kerin, as she delves into passionate tales from all corners of the earth.

With a cast compiled of local performers, both amateur and experienced, Annie Lee's Woolfzinger's Cider Show Alley is an exhilarating, never-before-seen street theatre performance that takes a quirky tongue-in-cheek trip back to old side shows. With fun, intensive workshops held in the region in the months leading up to the Festival, Annie works one-on-one with interested volunteers to develop a series of characters to play a role in her show. From laughing clowns to freaks, Annie ensures each character feeds into the individual's skill set bestowing her years of experience on the local community. The result of this personalised story development is an enthralling, hilarious and engaging street theatre show driven by genuine local spirit and passion.

Another element of the three day program that steps back to a time where people gathered by the fire sharing tales, is the captivating storyteller Jackie Kerin and her ability to weave words that paint pictures in the minds of an audience. Attendees will be treated to a taste of yesteryear with a range of storytellers taking their turn in the Festival's Velveteen Lounge. Jackie Kerin will be there with her inexhaustible collection of tales for the young and young at heart. A writer of children's books and a passionate raconteur, Jackie will transport festival-goers into alternate realities focusing on traditions from all over the world.

Not to be missed is the Huon Valley Mid Winter Slam on Saturday 16 July where Jackie will invite locals and attendees to try their own hand at storytelling. Aspiring storytellers, who will be in the running to take home the first ever Huon Valley Storytelling Cup as well as cash prizes, can sign up to be a part of the competition and will have the opportunity to work personally with Jackie to polish their tales at informal workshops leading up to the Festival.

Tickets for the 2016 Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival are on sale now. To sign up as a volunteer to Annie Lee's street theatre performance, register via the Huon Valley Mid Winter Festival Facebook page by Friday 6 May 2016. Limited spaces available.

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15.07.16 - 17.07.16
The Apple Shed, Grove TAS
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