Soundworks Touring presents
Australian Satanist Tour 2015 with Watain and Bolzer


Black masses, congregate and lay witness to the blasphemous writings and aural rituals of The Satanist Australia. A unique gathering and combination of the works of the respected masters of the dark crafts. Which affiliated together, has never before been presented to, or observed by Australian audiences .

BEHEMOTH: brutally violent, sinister, dark, powerful. Throughout their turbulent career the Polish blackened death metallers have become exactly what their name suggests. A BEHEMOTH in the world of extreme and creative sonic arts. In 2014 BEHEMOTH released their 10th studio album 'The Satanist'. A primitive, complex and multidimensional album further nailing their inspiring and evolving art into the minds of metal fans worldwide.

Hailing from Sweden and holding the black metal flag, WATAIN is that dangerous flame of metal that seemed lost for many years, and that now once again has been set loose upon the dying world. Creating ceremonial fanaticism, black mass hysteria, blood, fire and death; rock n roll as the Devil once intended. Follower of the wolves, lay down your torches to see the evil, hear the evil and feel the evil, displayed in bombastic nature in it's purest, rawest and most primitive form.

Bolzer is an outlet and conduit for primal energies, it's only source of inspiration being the extremities of nature and the inner self. True beauty and enlightenment are found athwart the peaks, amidst the shades. These are the songs that Bolzer have heard reverberate from those places. Ascend and fall, emerge from nothingness a thunderbolt of flaming wisdom! Blessed be the conflagration of their mortal souls! BEHEMOTH with Watain and Bolzer performing at:

September 29th - Capitol, Perth 18+
October 1st - Max Watts, Brisbane 18+
October 2nd - Fowler's Live, Adelaide ALL AGES
October 3rd - The Metro Theatre, Sydney 18+
October 4th - 170 Russell, Melbourne 18+
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29.09.15Capitol, PerthWA
01.10.15Max Watt's, BrisbaneQLD