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DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist
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When the news broke earlier this year that DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist would be a part of 2015's Golden Plains Festival our heads almost exploded in exuberance. If that wasn't enough, we've now got some fresh info hot off the press that's sent us into overdrive.

DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist have announced 'The Renegades of Rhythm Tour' which will see the dynamic duo perform very unique, one-in-a-lifetime sets across the country.

The two turntable legends will be celebrating the legacy of hiphop vanguard and Universal Zulu Nation founder, Afrika Bambaataa. The vinyl-only tour will see the two maestros utilise 6 decks and real-time effects to honour Bambaataa's influence on hip-hop's beginnings through handpicked selections, all taken from his original and highly influential record collection.

DJ Shadow himself commented on the upcoming tour, 'This has never been done before, definitely not on this scale. They're his records, with his blessings. This isn't just any copy of 'X' breakbeat, it's the copy, the copy that started everything. Not just any records, the master of records' records.'

The aim with this tour is to not just to focus on one specific sound, but to present Bambaataa's legacy in all its genre-busting and socially-minded complexity.

DJ Shadow states, 'His collection includes not just Soul and Rap, but also Soca, Calypso, Dub, Salsa-it's obvious that this music was important to him, and it's reflected in his own music. For example, when the Soulsonic Force is singing an African chant, it actually comes from a Manu Dibango record. That's when being a crate-digger comes in handy - you have to be able to pick up on the references and reiterate them.'

Cut Chemist continues, 'It adds another performance level, real-time sampling from the record that's being played.' Visuals for the tour will be supplied by acclaimed video director, multimedia producer and regular DJ Shadow collaborator Ben Stokes.

If you're a fan of DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Afrika Bambaataa, hiphop, electronica or just really dig an incredible live music show, you simply cannot miss 'The Renegades of Rhythm Tour', we know we won't be.
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