In March 2014 a new music festival took place in a secluded valley in northeast Tasmania. Set among the workings of a small-batch cider brewery and surrounded by its namesake, the stunning Panama Forest, A Festival Called PANAMA was born.

A select group of intrepid and fortunate ticket holders witnessed two days and nights of garage, soul, folk and psych bands as well pop-up cabarets, candle lit bars and late night vinyl soul clubs. The weekend that transpired was unforgettable - a perfect mix of vibrant and exciting programming, warm and thoughtful crowds and a breathtaking site.

PANAMA was amazing! You immediately get the sense that it's a festival put together with heart and a pure passion for music. This ultimately carries through every single aspect of the festival, making it a truly unique experience for every punter and musician that was there. I can't wait to do it again. Rick Milovanovic (TWERPS)

With the dust settled the organisers are pleased to announce that March 2015 will see the event returning with another outstanding program of national and international acts set to head into the hills of Tasmania to perform for a lucky few.

Panama is without doubt one of the best festivals I've ever been to; curated by lovely people who know good music and set in a breathtaking location. No need for bells and whistles here, these guys have got it down. Ainslie Wills

Once again tickets will be limited to 1000 - with punters enjoying wood-fired hot showers, cider brewed on site, delicious local foods stalls, and breathtaking cabaret. All this in addition to a main stage program whose stature belies the tiny scale of the event.

Panama Festival was one of the highlights of our year. A great festival and a stunning location with warm vibes and some of Australia's best artists. We're honoured to have been part of the first ever Panama! Husky Gawenda (Husky) .
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