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World Movies Secret Cinema
Bigger, bolder, braver than ever before!
World Movies is thrilled to announce the return of the highly-anticipated World Movies Secret Cinema. Returning to Sydney in April, World Movies Secret Cinema will take movie-goers into a top secret location, transporting them into an unusual world in the most unlikely of places to create a dramatic and immersive cinematic experience.

Previous World Movies Secret Cinema Sessions received an overwhelming response, and sold out in less than 15 minutes. As a result, and to meet unprecedented demand, World Movies Secret Cinema will run across three days, offering five different session times across one weekend from April 10 to April 13.

Details are again highly-classified, but it can be revealed that Sydney's third World Movies Secret Cinema will take place in another top-secret mystery location, one that has never been seen or used... until now. An acclaimed film has been perfectly paired with the untouched Sydney venue.

Ticket price is $53 + GST, and includes an alcoholic beverage on arrival and a snack. World Movies Secret Cinema is proud to welcome Salt Meats Cheese as official caterer for the event.

Tickets for World Movies Secret Cinema go on sale at 9am,
Wednesday 12 March. Tickets can be purchased at

Session times:

- Thursday April 10: 7pm
- Friday April 11: 7pm
- Saturday 12 April: 12.30pm
- Saturday 12 April: 7pm
- Sunday 13 April: 12.30pm
- Sunday 13 April: 7pm

Are you ready?
Tickets On Sale March 6th!
10.Apr.14SYDNEY VENUE TBC, (opening 7pm)NSW
11.Apr.14SYDNEY VENUE TBC, (opening 7pm)NSW
12.Apr.14SYDNEY VENUE TBC, (opening 12:30pm)NSW
12.Apr.14SYDNEY VENUE TBC, (opening 7pm)NSW
13.Apr.14SYDNEY VENUE TBC, (opening 12:30pm)NSW
13.Apr.14SYDNEY VENUE TBC, (opening 7pm)NSWSOLD OUT