Tone Deaf & The Harbour Agency present

We are aware, fellow merry-makers, that your demands for partying and general mayhem have fallen on deaf ears of late and your senses have not been provoked into mass hysteria over new music or pandemonium filled recitals in recent times - and we say it's time to fight back! And we, the glorious band of carousing cads that we are, will lead the charge with our first strike - Ash Wednesday Boudoir Party. To aid in this training, we shall provide you with this weapon free of charge, should you choose to follow our boisterous lead in preparation for The Last Good Party. To truly right these injustices, we shall also be campaigning within your fair cities' walls and performing our daring feats of musical prowess for your benefit during the months of April, May and June.

We are aware, fellow merry-makers, that they eyes of all have been cast in the shade of restraint and shame, the ears have gone stale as the fallow fields of musical industry have been left idle by bands great and small. Know that we are familiar with this danger and with the danger of allowing this folly to continue. We have practiced sin. We have practiced until we knew how to save you. Now, we simply ask that you commission us in our righteous crusade - The Last Good Party. We bring new life to what is old, we make golden promises and will even kiss you in the morning. For those who have pretended to know the life of a party goer, we call upon you to switch masks and gaze upon our glorious countenance as we usher in an age of unprecedented festivity.

We are aware, fellow merry-makers, that most bands do not appear as candidates for the solemn position of revelry inciters and then conduct themselves in a manner meeting the expectations that must be exacted upon them. For all of their poise, these bands are but industrious, humble, and ostensibly honest in their modesty. It is well that they remain modest in their composure and not attempt to entertain you. What you need? You know we got it. Gay Paris - a life of self aggrandising arrogance, excess and tight trousers.

When the day comes to cast your ballot, know that we shall be waiting for you, in crapulent victory or insensible defeat. Together we can make The Last Good Party off the chain.

Gay Paris's new track Ash Wednesday Boudoir Party, is taken from the forthcoming album The Last Good Party.

Tickets On Sale NOW!
10.May.13Royal Oak Hotel, LAUNCESTONTAS
11.May.13Brisbane Hotel, HOBARTTAS
07.Jun.13Annandale Hotel, SYDNEYNSW
14.Jun.13Sphere Nightspot, SUTHERLANDNSW
15.Jun.13The Baroque Bar - The Carrington Hotel, KATOOMBANSW
27.Jun.13Mojo's Bar, NORTH FREMANTLEWA
28.Jun.13Yah Yah's, FITZROYVIC