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"Every once in a while, a band comes along that makes your blood pump faster than normal, BILLY TALENT is that band." - Rolling Stone

BILLY TALENT announced their arrival by crashing a Mac Truck full of complex riffs and fret board wizardry into the lounge room of 3 chord pop punk. Their debut was a phenomenon: "endlessly anthemic, bursting with hooks, impeccably played and thrillingly heavy where it counts" - Toronto Star.

Three albums full of big-rock structures and powerful chorus hooks have propelled BILLY TALENT into mainstream success and solidified their status as one of Canada's greatest bands; "What this was, in an age of irony, indie and nostalgia, was an authentic arena rock experience, jam-packed with huge hits 'Rusted From The Rain', 'Surrender', 'Nothing To Lose', 'Try Honesty'..." - Chartattack

Having skipped Australia on their last album due to a crushing tour schedule, the band wanted to make sure that we are one of the very first places that they visit on their upcoming World tour. Needless to say, expect a big big show!

"Blistering with energy, BILLY TALENT capture the spirit, attitude and explosiveness that first launched rock's rebel cause. The band captures a pressing sense of urgency devoid of anything trite or gimmicky." - Contact Music.

Tickets On Sale JUNE 1 @ 9AM!
09.Aug.12The Hi-Fi, BRISBANEQLD
10.Aug.12UNSW Roundhouse, SYDNEYNSW
12.Aug.12Billboard The Venue, MELBOURNEVIC
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