North Byron Parklands Update:

We write to ask you take action again and send a submission to Byron Council.

Despite the fact that the majority of community submissions objected to Byron Council's Draft Events Policy last year, Byron Council is trying to reinforce limiting cultural events by amending the LEP to include a clause to limit major music events over 6,000 patrons over two days to only two a year.

They are ignoring the community response to their Draft Events Policy from the 60 day public exhibition period concluding 19 March 2010, where they received 108 submissions. 58 opposed the policy and 46 supported it. Byron Shire Council's own staff recommended against the policy.

Council also received a petition with 2054 signatures against the Draft Events Policy. The petition stated:

We, the undersigned, petition the Mayor and Councillors of Byron Shire Council to: Amend your Draft Events Policy to allow for large events outside Byron township over the summer period, to allow for more than two large events annually and to also abolish the 16,500 cap on event capacity. Please consider our creative future.

Byron Shire Council's report to State Government omitted the fact that the majority of public submissions opposed their Policy. They further omitted the fact that their own planning staff opposed the policy.

The effect of this clause would be to not only stifle cultural events, local economic growth and innovation in the Byron Shire, but it would send a message nationally that Byron does not support music events.

Which is not at all the case.

In response to Byron Shire Council's Draft Events Policy, Splendour in the Grass chose to temporarily relocate to Woodfordia Queensland until an approval for the North Byron Parklands site can be achieved. Mayor of Moreton Bay Regional Council Alan Sutherland estimates the festival will inject approximately $20 million into their economy over the three days of Splendour this week.

Please take a moment to send an email objecting to the LEP amendment. Submissions are due by 4:00pm 18th on Thursday 18th August.

Submissions can be sent to:

or mail to

PO Box 219 Mullumbimby NSW 2482

Marked attention to the General Manager

Re: Planning Proposal to amend the Local Environmental Plan 1988 to include a Major Events clause - Amendment No 151

Use your own words to detail the following (these points are in order of priority):

  1. I do not support limiting to two per year music events over 6,000 patrons and over 2 days.
  2. I object to the LEP amendment and support the proposal being put forward by North Byron Parklands.
  3. Byron Council should revisit the response to their public exhibition period in 2010 and state government's public exhibition period for North Byron Parklands in 2010, rather than trying to force an amendment to the LEP which the community has already said it doesn'twant.
  4. I object to the amendment because it is not based on evidence or research. The 6000 patron limit is an arbitrary level with no justification provided in the gateway report.