After an absence of 17 years from Australia, Roxette are finally set to return to Sydney on Friday February 17, 2012!

If you were around in the 80s and 90s you’ll remember it was pretty hard NOT to hear songs such as The Look, Joyride, Listen To Your Heart, It Must Have Been Love, Dressed For Success, Dangerous, Fading Like A Flower where ever you went. In fact it was pretty hard not to know these songs off by heart and there’s plenty more!

Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle who make up Roxette, came out of Sweden in the late ’80s. Their game was pop and their mission was to conquer the world. With 33 chart-busting singles and total record sales of 75 million, it seems safe to say “mission accomplished”. Except for one thing - it ain’t over yet! Biding their time during Marie Fredriksson’s recovery from her brain tumour in 2002, the band has gradually staged a comeback which has seen sell out concerts throughout Europe, South America and South Africa over the last year with more than one million tickets sold at 70 concerts. After such an overwhelming response in the rest of the world, Roxette have decided to extend the tour to include a very special show in Sydney.

Roxette last toured Australia in 1995 on their Crash! Boom! Bang! world tour. A year when we still didn’t quite know what a “Spice Girl” was or what the World Wide Web was all about. And Facebook!? What was that? Mark Zuckerberg was just an 11-year-old kid possibly playing games on his Atari computer. (Thanks to Facebook there is now a “Bring Roxette to Australia” page!) Maybe you were too busy in 1995 watching Beverly Hills 90210, Friends, Seinfeld or The Nanny to see Roxette? Or maybe mum and dad just didn’t let you go? So grab all your friends, listen to your heart, get yourself dressed for success and get ready to join the joyride with Roxette in 2012!

And if you want a a few more hits, joining Roxette for this special show in Sydney is 1927. Their 1989 album …Ish is one of the highest selling debut albums by an Australian band. 1927’s hit singles If I Could, That’s When I Think of You, You’ll Never Know and Compulsory Hero still remain radio favourites more than 20 years after their release.

General On Sale Thursday August 11 9am


17.Feb.12Sydney Entertainment Centre, SYDNEYNSW

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