A statement from the Promoter regarding ticket being sold on eBay:

"Fans purchasing tickets to Cold Chisel’s Light the Nitro Tour 2011 are warned not to buy from non-authorised ticket sellers, including eBay.

We are aware that tickets are being resold at hugely inflated prices on some sites and on some social media sites such as eBay and Facebook. Unfortunately there is no legislation that enables us to stop this practice at this time and in fact we are totally powerless to do anything about it.

We implore fans not to purchase unauthorised tickets as their validity cannot be guaranteed. Tickets bought from non-authorised sites may in fact be either false or tickets that have been cancelled. We have seen some tickets on eBay that are either not legitimate or are making false and misleading representations.

In 2010 the Federal Government conducted a three month review into the practice of scalpers’ on-selling tickets and despite submissions from various ticketing agencies, promoters, entertainers and sporting bodies, they opted to do nothing at this time. In 2006, in an entertainment industry test case, the promoters of the Big Day Out took eBay to court to stop the practice of on-selling tickets and lost the case in the Federal Court.

We strongly urge all outraged consumers to report this practice, and your own concern, to your local Federal and State MPs as well as the State Ombudsman."


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