Who is David Neil? An enigmatic and ephemeral rock star from days past, who somehow slipped through time’s arbitrary clutches; his premature death (or triple death, as the coroners put it) seeing him drizzle down a clotted drain hole into a dank sewer, joining the collective waste and wonder of many a has-been and never-was.

Lying there stagnant, his music could only be heard in ghostly whispers by sewer rats and underground junkies alike for decades, until, legend has it, his touring bassist Steve Kilbey (of The Church) dug it up.

Until recently, however, he’d kept these in a locked valise, awaiting the genius creative accompaniment required to set them free.

In a collaborative effort with The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s kaleidoscopic guitar maestro Ricky Maymi, Steve has brought his brainchild David Neil’s work out of the ether and into a tangible format; more specifically the form of limited edition blood red vinyl, entitled ‘The Wilderness Years’, by David Neil.

This LP is set to be released in July, and to celebrate its release, Steve and Ricky (along with Shaun and Adrian Hoffmann), will be touring Australia, hitting up Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart in July.

Special guests on this tour will be Jill and Alsy of seminal Australian icons The Triffids, as well as Richard Lane of The Stems making for an epic line up of Australian rock n’ roll figureheads performing rare, intimate shows.

 Is David Neil real, or is he unreal because we can’t touch him? Is his music real, or is it unreal because we can’t touch it?

If we can’t touch it, does that mean that it is unable to touch us?

You’ll just have to decide for yourself.


03.Jul.11Mojo's Bar, NORTH FREMANTLEWA
07.Jul.11Notes, NEWTOWNNSW
08.Jul.11Ding Dong Lounge, MELBOURNEVIC

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