Speak to anyone who has seen HEALTH live and they’ll be sure to start gushing about the best gig they’ve been to in a very long time.

HEALTH heed to no rules about how a band should behave on stage; from the first capillary-busting squall of distortion to the end of their set, HEALTH provide something viscerally new. Taking the essence of no-wave, post-punk, harsh noise and electronic pop, they create intensely chaotic but subliminally beautiful music.

Since their formation in 2005, HEALTH’s presence has exploded, with kids dancing and moshing, blogs freaking out and critics raving about their shows with bands like Crystal Castles, Nine Inch Nails and Of Montreal. Their second album GET COLOR, recorded in an especially gnarly part of Lincoln Heights, L.A with Manny Nieto, is an exuberant proclamation of noise, rock and electronic splendor. The record is a celebration of sound; pretty, harsh, soft and
basked in a blanket of ethereal vocals and is the manifesto HEALTH have been promising since their inception.

There is a reason why everyone's talking about HEALTH and now it is time to find out

25.02.10The Step InnQLD
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