Australian audiences will be privileged to be in a position to be able to witness one of the most acclaimed artists in its genre when Queensrÿche graces our shores for only their second time. Conducting a world tour on the back of their latest blockbusting release, “American Soldier”, Queensrÿche has included Australia on its itinerary and will come down under to perform, what will be known as; Extended Suites: Rage For Order/American Soldier/Empire.

Brace yourself for the boldest statement of Queensrÿche’s storied career.

American Soldier is more than a concept album; it is a statement of mission, a revelation of purpose, and a march for understanding. One thing that it is not is political. “People have a tendency to misconstrue the difference between political and social issues. This record is not political at all,” affirms Queensrÿche frontman and visionary Geoff Tate. “It’s very much a statement of the soldiers; it’s where they are at and what they have experienced. I hope the album, as a whole, is a statement that can get them talking to each other and begin that process of connecting that needs to happen between people.”

With American Soldier Queensrÿche’s epic career continues, proving yet again that the only thing that can rival the band’s music is their vision. As Geoff Tate’s father says in the chilling introduction to “The Voice,” the album’s closing track, “You reap what you sow…”

Don’t be afraid…

29.08.09The Hi-Fi BrisbaneQLD
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