Finally! The wait is over for one of Hip-Hop’s most infamous and legendary MCs to rock Australia for the first time.

Live from Staten Island, New York comes Ghostface Killah…

As well as being a successful solo rapper he is also a member of the smash hit hip-hop collective, Wu-Tang Clan.

His name is derived from the alias of the primary villain from the film Ninja Checkmate (aka The Mystery of Chess Boxing). After Wu-Tang Clan achieved breakthrough commercial success in the early 1990s, Ghostface, like his fellow clan members, began a solo career, which turned out to be one of the most critically and commercially successful solo careers of all the group members.

Early in his career he would wear a mask during performances and photo shoots. It was rumoured this was because Ghostface was wanted by the police and did not publicly remove it until his name was cleared.

Ghostface Killah debuted on the opening verse of "Bring da Ruckus", the first track from the Wu-Tang Clan's critically acclaimed debut album, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) released in 1993.

In 1995, Ghostface's first solo LP was 'Ironman' released in 1996, and like all Wu-Tang projects, it was produced by RZA and was very successful in the large hip-hop and rap underground scene. The album was a hit and debuted at #2 on the pop charts. The album has since been certified as Platinum.

Ghostface's 2006 album 'Fishscale', debuted strongly, in the #4 position on the US Billboard 200 and at #2 on the R&B Charts: the rapper's most auspicious chart showing since the heyday of the Wu-Tang Clan and the release of his solo debut. Fishscale was voted by numerous hip hop magazines as the best album of the year.

Australian fans now get their chance to witness this powerhouse of modern day hip-hop live across the country backed up onstage by fellow Theodore Unit artists Wigs, Trife, Du Lilz and DJ J-Love.

24.06.09The Forum, Entertainment QuarterNSW
25.06.09The Espy HotelVIC
26.06.09Metro CityWA
27.06.09The Espy HotelVIC
28.06.09The Step InnQLD
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