Madness is music royalty. Having been absent from the Australian live music scene, for 16 years, the band whose musical legacy stretches back to the late 70’s and early 80’s is finally back.

With a trail of hits such as Our House, House of Fun, Wings of a Dove, Baggy Trousers and the all too sweet It Must be Love. It’s a blaze of glory spanning nearly 30 years, and appropriately the band was awarded the prestigious MOJO “Hall of Fame” award.

Made up of a collective of Cockney schoolmates, the band is infamous for their unpredictable sounds and wayward ways, and with their new album “The Liberty of Norton Folgate” in the wings and the impending return of London’s Madstock, Madness are set to bathe V Festival audiences in a hot tub of lyrical urban tales and galvanized enchantment.

In a beautiful collision of great R & R (that’s rock and roll) The Kills and Louis XIV will pair up for this intimate and very special performance.

One part American, one part English, The Kills churn out hands in the air, dance like no one’s watching kinda music. Made up of Alison “VV” Mosshart singer/guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Jamie “Hotel” Hince, this lo-fi, indie-rock circus has been goading international audiences with their noise and lyrics since 2000. With an eclectic mix of colliding riffs, and the panting wails of “VV”, their chaotic live show is set to make you feel like a deer in headlights.

Louis XIV is a quartet hailing from San Diego, California. Formed in 2003, the bands irresistible riffs and existentialist punk lyrics have been puncturing audiences with their raw sounds ever since. NME were infamously quoted as saying, that the bands sounds reflected "music to flunk rehab to", while Rolling Stone and MTV named them as one of their top 10 bands to watch.

M83 & THE DØ
This will be amazing. Anthony Gonzalez is M83, who, when playing live, swells to a four piece that sounds a lot more than they physically are… Playing behind a fortress of instruments, M83 are destined to hypnotize with their luscious sounds and magnetism.

Joining M83, new music sensation The DØ is bound to impress. Almost as exotic as their musical style and lyrics, and made up of native Finnish Olivia B. Merilahti and multi-instrumentalist, part Tunisian-English-French Dan Levy, The DØ have been mighty busy teasing fans with their debut album ‘A Mouthful’ and energetic live shows.

Now you know a bit about the bands come and enjoy one or all of these special events in a limited capacity, intimate venue enviroment...This is a must for music fans that aren't so into the festival circuit but still appreciate a great show when they see it! Or perhaps you just can't get enough this March and feel the need to double down on show dates!

03/04/09Madness @ Moorilla WineryTAS
30.03.09The Kills & Louis XIV @ The ZooQLD
31.03.09M83 & THE DØ @ The ZooQLD
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