Somewhere in between art rock and wistful pop lie Sparkadia, whose debut album 'Postcards' is quite possibly the most replete and accomplished debut you'll hear this year.

The Sydney four-piece write modern pop songs, pop songs that explode and shimmer with choruses that never leave your head and hooks that floor you on the first listen. 'Postcards' offers up a dozen snapshots of life that meld bittersweet lyrics and floating melodies with a sunny spin on heartbreak.

Lead Singer Alex Burnett divulges this about their latest triumph; "Many of the songs on this album are postcards I wish I had sent, and others are ones I really wish I didn’t have to send”.  Each track was written in a different room in a different city over the past four years, before being affixed with a stamp and sent to the renowned Miloco Studios in London, where producer extraordinaire Ben Hillier (Blur, Depeche Mode, Doves) applied his deft production hand to give the album an expansive, cinematic feel.

Now that the album is complete Sparkadia invite you, the audience, to join them at one of their shows during their National ‘Postcards’ Tour.  One can’t help but get the feeling that these evenings will be the stuff that goose bumps and spine shivers are made of....


15.10.08 - Barwon Club Hotel
16.10.08 - Karova Lounge
17.10.08 - The Governor Hindmarsh
18.10.08 - Corner Hotel
22.10.08 - ANU Bar
23.10.08 - Cambridge Hotel
24.10.08 - Gaelic Theatre
25.10.08 - Waves
30.10.08 - Players Bar
31.10.08 - Prince of Wales (Bunbury)
01.11.08 - Amplifier Bar
02.11.08 - Newport Hotel
06.11.08 - Coolangatta Hotel
07.11.08 - The Zoo
08.11.08 - The Northern
09.11.08 - Sol Bar
14.11.08 - Batman Fawkner Inn
15.11.08 - The Republic Bar