He started his DJ career in the early to mid nineties playing house parties with
friends around Ohio and Atlanta spinning club-ready Hip Hop, House, Old Soul and
R&B, Rock and whatever gets the people moving. Pase is a celebrity DJ of choice, having DJ'd private parties for Snoop Dogg, The Black Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake, Playboy, Lindsay Lohan, Larry Flynt and Hustler Enterprises, Adidas, Diesel Jeans, Urb magazine, Vibe magazine and scores more.
He has toured around the world as both a DJ and MC with the hip hop group’s Five
Deez and Spankrock since 2001 and now 2008 brings him to beautiful Australia to share the love the best way he can; through music, sweet music.

Playing shows @ -
  • 24th August @ Greenwood Hotel
  • 29th August @ Roxanne Parlour
  • 30th August @ Shape Nightclub
With Great support acts such as: Anna Lunoe {Modular/Hoops} Sleater Brockman J.Underpants Dan Marbles (TBC)
Be sure not to miss out. Dance parties are definitly their own kind of fun! And generally that means the best kind!