• Amy Winehouse coughing her way into Rehab...
    • There has been speculation this week that Amy Winehouse has emphysema. This conclusion was drawn from comments made by her father stating that the depleted and frail looking lass had the near fatal illness. Although the issue has since been cleared up by her publicity squad it has however still been stated that if she continues to smoke drugs and cigarettes she could very well develop this tragic illness; even at such a young age. The slightly built star with a larger than life voice is still scheduled to headline the infamous Glastonbury festival this weekend in the UK.
  • Smashing Pumpkins set to release commemorative Gish Box Set… Smashing
    • 2008 marks the 20th Anniversary for this epic rock band and 17 years since their debut release Gish. So to mark both events The Smashing Pumpkins (Can you even still call them that? kind of… the remaining members… Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlain) have decided to release a pre Gish/Gish box set with words and melody from before the debut release and an extended version of the actual album. The exact contents and release date are unknown they are however rumoured to coincide with a few select 20th Anniversary concerts and a Gish Tour. No word as to whether original members James Iha and D'arcy Wretzky will jump on board or even if the band will make it down under again so soon…. Here’s to hoping!
  • Been Caught Stealing: Kid Rock fights back…
    • Music industry bad boy Kid Rock has spoken out about his thoughts and feelings concerning the ongoing debate over the illegal downloading of music. This time he managed to stay in his seat and keep his hands by his side, he did however have this tongue in cheek observation to make; "You can illegally download my music," he says. "Steal it if you will because I'm f***ing rich". "I don't mind people stealing my music, that's fine. But I think they should steal everything. You know how much money the oil companies have? If you need some gas, just go fill your tank and drive off, they're not going to miss it."
       He then went on to encourage music fans to steal Jeans, iPods, cars and computers using this same reasoning.
      A valid enough point. However one I would highly discourage.
  • Homegrown Grates set to release new album…
    • It’s a busy time for Australian music over the next two months with some very exciting new releases entering the record store rotation. After a volcanic explosion into the spot light with their debut release “Gravity won’t get you high” Brisbane band The Grates are back again with their new album “Teeth Lost, Hearts Won”, you can find this ready to buy on the 2nd of August.
      Australian music outfits Youth Group and Sneaky Sound System are also both set to release new albums over the months of July and August. Youth Groups new album “The Night is Ours” will be out at the end of this month and Sneaky Sound Systems latest addition to their discography will be on shelves August 16th and is titled   (quite fittingly) “2”.
  • Quote of the Week
    • "Songs are life in 80 words or less." - Neil Diamond