With their much anticipated sophomore album, Sharing Space due for release on April 12, Triple J, JJJTV, Aloha & The Atlas Agency are pleased to announce COG’s Sharing Space Tour for this coming May and June.

Spanning some six weeks, the tour will feature two of New Zealand’s finest live rock bands, Kora and Jakob. Joing them as well will be Melbourne prog-rockers Sleep Parade and Brisbane’s Melodyssey, making this COG’s biggest tour to date.

Whether or not you are a massive fan is irrelevant. Cog is one of those bands that are good enough at what they do that it just comes down to general appreciation. Come along for a listen and enjoy and support quality Australian music.

COG’s - "Sharing Space" tour kicks off on May 15th.
Tickets are available over the phone from Oztix on 1300 762 545
just click on the links below.

15/5/08 to 16/6/08

New South Wales
16/5/08 to 14/6/08

23/5/08 to 21/6/08

5/6/08 - 8/6/08

South Australia
12/6/08 - 13/6/08

Australian Capital Territory