Unlike so many others who find their feet performing in a myriad of other bands first, Gyroscope's Daniel Sanders (vocals/guitar), Brad Campbell (bass), Rob Nassif (drums) & Zoran Trivic (guitar) formed while still teenagers in Perth in 1997 under the same line-up as today.

The Perth-based band learned to play by appearing at a variety of local high schools and parties before finally releasing their debut album SOUND SHATTERING SOUND in 2003. Currently one of the brightest prospects in the Australian music industry, they have now toured the country relentlessly along with some of the biggest names.

For the people just discovering this secret gold, think Foo Fighters music meets At the Drive In live show& frenetic and never the same.

Tour dates are as follows:

New South Wales:
Sodens Hotel
20th of February
Newcastle Uni
22nd of February
Manly Fisho's
23rd of February
The Beachcomber
24th of February
Charles Stuart
5th of March
Wollongong Uni
6th of March
The Roxy
7th of March
Australian Capital Territory: (Special event with Shihad)
21st of February
Monash Uni
Gippsland Campus
27th of February
Karova Lounge
28th of Febrauary
The Pub - Bendigo
1st of March
Ruby's Lounge
2nd of March