Oceans 30 is an 18+ event, tickets are on sale now.

Unfortunately Oceans 30 organizers have not received permission from the council to use Carrara Stadium, or any other area they enquired about for their festival. This means, thanks to the Help of Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern, the event will go back to its original July “Oceans 20” format at Fisho’s.

The full line up will be released in scene magazine and on the Oceans myspace page this week, only minor changes have taken place to the line up that was released previously but there will now be no room in the budget for the planned Australian headline act and the international headline that were due to be released this week.

Oceans 30’s capacity is now restricted to significantly less than previously planned, but still more than Oceans 20, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t enough room to run amuck! With ticket sales already well under way it will not be long until it is sold out.

The organizers have planned major improvements from the highly successful Oceans 20 which include a mind blowing sound system, state of the art visual effects, larger area, bigger stages, international artists, Krumper and break dancers, a wider range of music on offer and a few more little surprises.

The organizers are disappointed that council couldn’t be convinced to give a local company a shot on the big festival stage but are determined to make it happen next year. Brisbane council has already expressed an interest in staging the event at Riverstage but, if possible, the event will stay on the Gold Coast for many years to come.

First release sold out, and due to the change of venue and reduced capacity, second release is almost sold out. Oceans 30 is due to sell out before the event, so jump on board quickly peoples cause it's sure to be sweet....