Reguritator tour tickets.

Tour dates as follows

Australian Capitol Territory

Green Room U.C.U Bar - 5th of October

New South Wales

The Metro Theatre - 6th of October
Sodens Hotel - 10th of October
The Great Northern - 19th of October
Bar On The Hill, Newcastle Uni - 1st of November
Fitzroy Hotel - 2nd of November
Manly Fisho's - 3rd of November


Peninsula Lounge - 11th of October
Corner Hotel - 12th of October

South Australia

Night Train - 13th of October


Southport RSL - 18th of October
The Sands Tavern - 20th of October
The Met - 21st of October
Seven Niteclub - 24th of October
Leichardt Hotel - 25th of October
McGuires - 26th of October
Bombay Rock - 27th of October
Brothers Leagues Club - 28th of October


Siroccos Bar and Nightclub - 9th of November
Batman Fawkner Inn - 10th of November

Western Australia

Indie Bar - 13th of November
The Foundry - 14th of November
Odessy - 15th of November
The Dunsborough -16th of November
Amplifier Bar - 17th of November
The Leopold - 18th of November