British India
The Zoo - 9th of August

Karova Lounge - 4th of August

Angelas Dish Tour
On tour in July & August

Jamie - T & the Pacemakers
The Zoo - 1st of September

Mono (Japan)
Manning Bar - 30th of August

Whiskey Go Go's
The Troubadour - 13th of July

RnB Superclub
Bombay Rock - 14th of July

Dead Inside The Chrysalis
Sands Tavern - 26th of July

He Is Legend
Club 299 - 5th of September

Hot Lies
Club 299 - 4th of August (U/18)

Club 299 - 4th of August (18+)

Another Day Down
Spectrum - 1st of August

Princess Theatre - 11th of August

The Exploders
The Troubadour - 9th of August

Justin Grounds
The Troubadour - 12th of August

L.A. Guns
Step Inn - 24th of October

2007 Q Song Awards
The Tivoli - 14th of August

Nothing Compares
The Zoo - 11th of August