There’s never been a better time to take a step back and look at the future of the music industry, which is exactly what some key players in Australia will do this week on a special panel.

Hosted by radio personality and journalist Jane Gazzo, the August 6 live-streamed event will feature Untitled Group's Christian Serrao, The Music and Handshake Management's Leigh Treweek and This Much Talent's Sarah Guppy, all discussing what the future of the music industry might look like.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from the panel discussion.


“The main thing I think of when it comes to the future landscape of the music industry is further digitalisation. Our industry is very quick to adapt with updates in the digital world and technology and using it to improve the way we operate at events and how we consume music. Looking into the future, I think we will continue to see technology take over to help enhance everything we do.”


“I believe the future landscape of the music industry will continue to become mostly data and technology driven with a huge crossover into gaming, VR and AI. Understanding all the new trends in way music is created, promoted and consumed is going to be extremely important for anyone working in the music industry, whether an artist, label or manager.”


“The future of the musical landscape? Bigger, better, brighter than any other time! I have a good feeling about the future!"


"We always knew that content was king. Video content is going to play a much larger role in the future of music to connect with international fans because we're just not going to be able to tour."

This Thursday's event is aimed at students and those starting out in the industry, and will have questions taken from the at-home audience.

Tickets are free but you must be registered to receive the live-stream link. Click here for all the info.