The Association of Artist Managers (AAM) and Support Act have teamed up to launch a new mental health, resilience and wellness program for artist managers.

Following a successful pilot program in 2019, Gimme Shelter will this year be launched online and made available to over 190 artist managers nationwide with an aim to "build workplace skills, resilience and a long-term approach to mental health and wellbeing for managers and their artists".

“In the current unprecedented climate of the COVID-19 pandemic, a program that enables managers to build and enhance their professional skills, resilience and develop a clear framework to respond to the challenges of mental health and wellbeing has never been more critical," AAM Executive Director, Cath Haridy, said.

"The devastating loss of income and future income uncertainty for artist managers and their artists may lead to further and ongoing mental health issues.

"Gimme Shelter will provide a proactive and preventative approach, contributing positively to the music eco-system with real and comprehensive outcomes.”

Support Act CEO Clive Miller added, "The roll out of this online program, and its ability to train up to 70% of AAM’s membership promises to be a real game changer when it comes to how mental health and well-being are perceived and managed in the music community”.

Gimme Shelter registration is open to all members of the AAM from Monday 15 June; click here for more details.

Haridy and Miller featured on a special edition of The Green Room podcast last week, to discuss how the Australian music industry has progressed in the last ten weeks throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, alongside names including Aussie songwriter Alex Lahey and Shadow Minister for the Arts Tony Burke.

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