British anti-folk band Crywank have announced they "are planning on stopping" the project after ten years. 

In a statement posted on social media, the duo behind the band, James Clayton and Dan Watson, revealed the news saying "the logistical demand coupled with the actual tours has started taking its toll on our mental and physical health, our friendship and our time to pursue more creative projects". 

"We are so so grateful for the experience we've had, the audience we've made, the people we've met, the friends we've made and for the lives we've had because of the collective response some people have had to what we created," the post reads. 

"It's been the most wild and beautiful and humbling experience that we've both been so privileged to have. 

"Crywank isn't something that we think should continue indefinitely though as I had once naively thought. 

"We are about to tour New Zealand, Australia, and we are soon to announce and still booking shows in South East Asia. We plan on continuing the band until summer 2020. We want to give people another chance to see us live, and we will try our best to perform where we can."

The band have revealed they plan to release "one more album" under the moniker. 

"Thank you for everything, we love you," the post ends. 

Crywank will be in Australia at the end of the month for a run of six shows including an appearance at Hobofopo. 

Scroll down to theGuide for a look at all the tour details. 

Mulgara, Canberra
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Red Rattler, Marrickville
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Hobart, Hobart
The Toff In Town, Melbourne
Amplifier Bar, Perth
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