The Australian version of The Masked Singer will make its debut next Monday, hosted by Osher Gunsberg, who will return to his music roots having hosted reality series The Bachelor since 2015.

Ahead of the insane show’s premiere, Gunsberg told The Music it was “so much fun” returning to host a music-based show, after being the face of Foxtel's Channel [V] in the early '00s, as well as hosting Australian Idol from 2003-2009.

"I have a really good time doing this,” Gunsberg said.

“On Bachelor, people often ask me why I whisper. I whisper because I am essentially the MC at a memorial service for someone's romantic dreams. And I have to very gently, and with great amount of reverence, tell a lovely young man or lovely young woman that this person is not into you and it's time for you to leave now, please. So I have be very reverent and quiet and you know, respectful of the situation.

“This show, I am. Top. Level. In a suit that’s as loud as, you know, as loud as my voice. And I walk out to work every day with dancers and pyros. It’s so great! Seriously, I walk out on stage and they go, 'Ok, can you just move to - don’t stand there, because that’s where the fire is going to be.'"

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It was his previous music show hosting efforts that prepared him for The Bachelor and why he was so excited to return to the genre.

“You know, that’s my wheelhouse,” he said.

“They got me on Bachelor, because to be able to do a show like that, you have to be able to deliver the first time every time, because you can only capture someone's authentic emotional response to news once.

“So, they needed someone who'd done all the live work. I learned all that stuff doing shows like Channel [V] and shows like Idol. And to get back into that, the cockpit of that, of that spaceship again is so much fun. So much.”

The Masked Singer will premiere on Channel Ten next Monday, September 23 at 7.30pm.