An unreleased single penned by Men At Work legend Colin Hay has not only made its way onto the tracklisting of Ringo Starr’s forthcoming album, but has also been revealed as the LP’s title track.

Hay, who has toured with Ringo’s All-Starr Band multiple times in the past, penned What’s My Name years ago.

“He’d written the song down six years ago and put it in this pile or that pile. But it ended up at the bottom of the drawer” Starr said.

“So, Colin came over and played it for me, and I LOVED it. I loved the verses. I loved the sentiment. In all honesty, there’s not a lot of people who could get away with asking, ‘What’s my name?’ in a song.”

And in huge news for Beatles fans, it was also revealed the new album will feature Starr and Paul McCartney on a cover of John Lennon song Grow Old With Me.

“I just loved this song. I sang it the best that I could. I do well up when I think of John this deeply. And I’ve done my best. We’ve done our best,” Starr said.

“The other good thing is that I really wanted Paul to play on it, and he said ‘yes’. Paul came over and he played bass and sings a little bit on this with me. So John’s on it in a way. I’m on it and Paul’s on it. It’s not a publicity stunt. This is just what I wanted.”

What's My Name is out October 25.