Described as an “immersive musical experiment which casts the audience in some of the greatest musicals of all time”, Melbourne Fringe offering Off Off Off Broadway Karaoke is set to take on The Lion King, Grease, Rocky Horror Picture Show and more next month.

Led by “karaoke fiends” Jess McGuire and Emma Smith, the show will run throughout September at Fringe Hub’s Music Room.

“Helping an audience of musical enthusiasts live out their Broadway dreams via karaoke seemed like such a wonderfully silly, ambitious, and joyous idea,” McGuire said.

“I can't wait to make my Fringe Festival debut with Off Off Off Broadway.”

Smith added: “The generosity of spirit in a good karaoke bar is unrivalled—we come together to help each other live out our dreams, it’s magic. At a time when so much divides and isolates us, karaoke is an act of rebellion. I am absolutely overjoyed to be bringing this show to Melbourne Fringe 2019.”

Here’s the September schedule:

Grease – Sept 12

Rocky Horror Picture Show – Sept 13

Mamma Mia! – Sept 14

Jesus Christ Superstar – Sept 15

The Lion King - Sept 17

Les Misérables – Sept 18

The Lion King – Sept 19

Grease – Sept 20

Head to the Melbourne Fringe website for more details.