The body of Australian singer Cecilia Devine has been identified by police this week after the 41-year-old went missing on 5 September last year.

As The Herald reports, Sydney Water Catchment Authority employees discovered human remains in remote bushland at North Katoomba in March, with it now confirmed as being Devine.

Though a cause of death is yet to be officially confirmed, police suspect the Waratah songwriter was murdered.

"[The body] had been there a fair while," Detective Inspector Scott McAlpine said.

"It's a closed-off area, it's not open to the public because it's a catchment area for the Sydney water authority. Tourists wouldn't probably go there as a matter of course."

As well as releasing her solo debut album, Liberty, in 2017, Devine, also known as Kristen Pearson, collaborated with a number of notable dance acts, including Random Soul and Reel Sessions, as well as featuring on one of the popular Hed Kandi compilation series.

Police are still investigating her disappearance with one of the last sightings being CCTV footage of Devine buying some items from a shop in Katoomba.

"One of the last known sightings of Cecilia Devine was her leaving this hotel and walking down one of the main streets of Katoomba," McAlpine said

Anyone with information about Devine is being encouraged to contact police.

"We believe there are people out there who spoke with Cecilia or saw her at the time and we urge them to come forward," McAlpine said.

"We're all wanting the same outcome - to find answers for Cecilia's loved ones. They need to know what happened to her and how she came to be where she was."