Australia will take to the polls this weekend to cast our votes and decide the future of the country for the next four years - or you know, until someone in the party decides they want to be top dog and we have another leadership spill...

Nonetheless, it's time to have our say and choose who we'd like to back and to make things a little easier, Live Performance Australia have today released their Federal Election Report Card, assessing the arts and cultural policies of the major parties. 

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"While this election campaign has lacked significant leadership positions in relation to Australian culture, clear differences have emerged between Labor and the Coalition in their approach to supporting Australia’s cultural industries," said LPA Chief Executive Evelyn Richardson

"Our creative sector not only enables cultural expression and reflects who we are as a nation, it is also a driver of jobs and economic opportunity.

"The industry’s contribution to Australia’s economic and social well-being should be at the front and centre of our policy debates and discussions. The opportunity to generate a substantive national narrative that mobilises our cultural industries as valuable assets has never been more urgent."

See the Report Card below - click to expand.