Renowned band manager Rae Harvey has today revealed that her contract with The Living End was "suddenly terminated" a couple of weeks ago.

In a Facebook post, titled 'Farewell To The Music Industry', Harvey claims that "After 22-years of faithful service, my management agreement with The Living End was suddenly terminated. 

"Having dedicated the best years of my life to a band I assumed were a part of my family forever, what a kick in the guts. It is at my insistence that I'm honest about this and there’s no wishy-washy statement about splitting amicably, that’s not my style. I was fired. There…. I said it."

In 2016, Harvey's home in rural NSW was destroyed in a fire less than a week after moving in, which she shares information on in the post.

"Many of you know our house burnt down almost 3 years ago. I lost my life’s work in that fire, and I barely escaped with my life, and the life of my partner and cats. What luck," it reads. 

"The loss did impede me, though after 30 years industry experience and 20+ management under my belt, I needed very little to be effective, my 20 minutes would take hours or days in less experienced hands. That many years and all the hard-forged relationships managing a now legacy band heading into their twilight years - I could do it standing on my head."

Read the full post below. 

The Living End's publicity team has been contacted by The Music for comment.