US country music artist Justin Carter has died after he was shot by a gun which was accidentally fired while he was filming a music video. 

As Fox News reports, the 35-year-old singer's mother Cindy McClellan said he was filming the clip in Texas on Saturday when a gun in his pocket "went off and caught my son in the corner of his eye".

"He was a wonderful artist," McClellan said.

"He was the voice, he was the total package and we're trying to keep his legend [alive]."

A GoFundMe page has been launched to help pay for funeral expenses. 

According to ABC 11, the gun was intended to be used as a prop in the music video. 

Mark Atherton of Triple Threat Management, which Carter recently signed to confirmed they will release the songwriter's remaining songs, with all proceeds to go to his family. 

"Justin had a potential to, you know, in our eyes, and a lot of people's eyes to be the next Garth Brooks," Atherton said.