Two Australian developers have created a brand new app that aims to improve safety and awareness for people attending music festivals. 

The SearchParty app allows users to create their own "party" and communicate with friends, geo-locate among large crowds and multiple festival stages and features a "world-first" alert button which notifies everyone in the created group should the user require help or assistance. 

Users can also directly call emergency services through the alert button. 

The new app has been created by Gold Coast brothers Jessy and Jade Mulholland.

“In the last few months, five people have died from suspected overdoses at festivals in Australia,” Jessy Mulholland said.

“Twenty-five people were hospitalised on Australia Day weekend. Drug use is commonplace at festivals and even more people are affected by alcohol, heatstroke and dehydration. We can’t stop people from taking drugs, but we wanted to make festivals safer across the board – whether people need help after an overdose, drinking too much, or even feeling vulnerable to sexual harassment."

For more details, check out the SearchParty website.