After weeks of verbal spars, Australian politician Clive Palmer has officially been hit with a lawsuit in regards to the alleged illegal use of Twisted Sister's hit song, We're Not Gonna Take It.

Last month, the US outfit demanded Palmer stop using a re-written version of the song in a TV campaign for the United Australia Party, to which Palmer responded by threatening his own lawsuit against the rockers.   

Frontman Dee Snider doubled down on his comments while in Australia in late January, saying during an appearance on Today, "[Palmer] is breaking the law, he's a common criminal in my opinion, and he's stealing my music".

While Palmer claims he has not lifted the band's song illegally, The Daily Telegraph has reported that lawyers representing Universal Music Publishing (license owners of We're Not Gonna Take It) filed papers in Federal Court on Friday.

It is reportedly the first time a political party in Australia has been sued for music copyright. 

Snider has previously claimed the United Australia Party leader did submit a request to UMP for the license of the 1984-released song, but never paid the fee and used it anyway.

Twisted Sister are seeking damages and aggravated damages over Palmer’s use of We're Not Gonna Take It, as well as his alleged continued refusal to cease using the track.