Authorities are urging people to take care when buying tickets online following an increase in social media scams.

As ABC reports, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said scalpers are now targeting a younger audience, reporting more than $100 million stolen from Australians in 2018 via social media scammers, accounting for 15% of all complaints lodged.

"People should be cautious about purchasing tickets online through social media from people they don't know," an ACCC spokesperson said.

"Always try to verify the seller's identity and legitimacy of the tickets before paying for goods."

Scalpers pray on vulnerable music fans, with Wollongong punters Jake Arndell telling ABC he was scammed $300 on social media while trying to obtain tickets to sold out NYE festival Last Dance on the event’s official Facebook event page.

ABC later found out the account belonged to a scammer based in Nigeria, who was likely part of a bigger network.

The ACCC reported 1,000 complaints last year, adding to a total loss of over $380,000.

The ticket scalping debate continues to heat up around the country, with WA unveiling tough new laws last year, while an increasing amount of festivals and artists join the fight.