Police are searching for five people who are reported to have gatecrashed a warehouse gig in Melbourne this past weekend which led to a violent brawl outside.

As 9News reports, a man in his 20s was taken to Alfred Hospital after suffering a slash wound to the face while another female punter said she was grabbed around her throat and arm following the altercation at the Prahran show. 

Local band Sapphire Street, one of the bands who performed at the gig, slammed the behaviour of the gatecrashers. 

"It's extremely disappointing," bassist Shaun Samulenok told 9News. 

"It was a friendly group of people and nobody deserves to be put into fear like that."

Samulenok added, "I just hope everybody has a speedy recovery and that nothing else bad happens at these fantastic gigs. Because, wonderful group of people, bad situation."