Chumbawamba have blasted Australian mining magnate Clive Palmer for using their classic track, Tubthumping, in a recent YouTube video. 

According to The Guardian, the British outfit called out Palmer for a video that featured himself and a group of men singing the lyrics from the 1997-released track. 

In a statement, Chumbawamba demanded the video be taken down and called Palmer a "Donald Trump-lite egomaniac" and "a ridiculous narcissist".

"Tubthumping is a song written to champion the resilience of working people, not to further a billionaire’s political ambitions," the statement reads.

The band has also threatened Palmer with legal action and demanded billboards displayed in Queensland that read, "When we get knocked down, we get up again. Brisbane’s never gonna keep Townsville down. Go Townsville – go Clive”, be taken down.

The United Australia Party have declined to comment on the matter.