Acclaimed Hollywood TV director, Larysa Kondracki, of Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead and Picnic At Hanging Rock fame has just teamed up with Melbourne director Clare Plueckhahn and Melbourne band Ute Root for a brand new film clip. 

The video takes inspiration from the infamous Dali and Rothschild surrealist dinner party of 1972 so it is pretty much exactly what you would expect, as a bunch of costumed freaks take over Collingwood's Feefee's Bar for new single Ketamine Queen.

Coming together with reportedly no budget at all, you best check it out for yourself below…

Ute Root are currently in the studio, using 2018 to finalise their first full length album and will be playing a number of shows between now and the end of the year. Check out theGuide for all the details. 

Mesa Cosa + Pistol Peaches + Ute Root
The Old Bar, Fitzroy
Hideous Sun Demon + Ute Root
The Eastern, Ballarat East
Ute Root
The Old Bar, Fitzroy