Tapped By Otherside announced yesterday a new 2018 WA Band Manager Grant as the latest in their portfolio of creative talent grants.

The $3,500 grant will see a local band manager expand their skills, knowledge and networks through attending BIGSOUND next month.

Established in 2015, Tapped By Otherside is invested in supporting the growth of WA's creative sector. 

"As we've grown as a brewery we’ve been able to invest more into Tapped By Otherside to support new, dynamic talent and programs and support the growth of this sector," said the director of Otherside Brewing Co David Chitty.

"Every beer we sell increases the Tapped By Otherside grants fund and with growing sales we have been able to top up and expand the program. So all of those that have enjoyed an Otherside brew or two along the way have played a part in supporting WA’s creative industries.

"We’re thrilled to be able to announce the addition of the 2018 WA Band Manager Grant.  This grant extends the reach of Tapped By Otherside beyond artists to support those that work behind the scenes to develop, sustain and grow our musical talent and industry.”

Applications for the grant are now open via their website.