Opening 12 months ago, Mo's Desert Clubhouse has quickly become a central, creative hub on the Gold Coast hosting EP launches, tour shows and minifests, fashion shows, charity events and more. 

In order to keep functioning as a creative space though, the venue now needs to undergo a DA Impact Application through the Gold Coast City Council. This is looking to cost the venue approximately $60,000 and they say "the next six months of applications, consultations and expense will make or break" them.  

Once official council approval has been achieved the space plans to increase their offerings of local and touring bands, creative workshops, charity events, safe underage events and private functions.

The campaign says that "the passing of this new ‘zone’ will not only allow us to continue to trade and improve our business offering, but also allow these type of creative industries to be recognised by our council, simplifying the way for future creative ventures". 

Head over to the campaign website here to read more