WA director Ben Young is making waves across the globe with the release of Netflix sci-fi thriller Extinction scoring a wealth of praise from viewers and critics.

After directing music videos for the likes of John Butler Trio, commercials and more over the years, Young released his debut feature, Hounds Of Love, in 2016.

Despite the critically acclaimed Hounds Of Love becoming an overnight cult sensation, Young’s second film, Extinction, had the rug pulled out from under it by original studio Universal earlier this year, which is when Netflix swooped in and picked it up.

The new film features Michal Peña (Ant-Man, Eastbound & Down) as a father that “has a recurring dream of losing his family”.

“His nightmare turns into reality when the planet is invaded by a force bent on destruction,” the synopsis reads.

“Fighting for their lives, he comes to realize an unknown strength to keep them safe from harm.”

Speaking with IGN earlier this month, Young said Extinction has “everything that you need from that big sci-fi blockbuster”.

“The script writers, Spenser Cohen and Brad Caleb Kane, worked together to come up with a couple of very clever ideas that I think make this film comment on the current situation that’s going on in our own world.

“And so, yeah, it’s about a little bit more, I think, than some other sci-fi films."

It’s the latest addition to Netflix’s original sci-fi catalogue, with Extinction perhaps able to rival the streaming giant’s critically acclaimed Annihilation release after The Cloverfield Paradox and Will Smith’s Bright both flopped.

Inverse has stated that “Extinction might be Netflix’s first great sci-fi movie”, while fans on Twitter are saying the film has blown their minds.