Some punters who attended this past weekend's Midnight Mafia rave in Sydney have alleged they were denied entry into the event by police following drug searches, despite being found with no drugs on their bodies. 

The Music has obtained screenshots of direct messages between one festivalgoer, who wishes to remain anonymous, and Midnight Mafia organisers, after they were denied entry. 

While organisers advised the punter they would be refunded and to contact NSW Police directly, they insisted they "can't outline the policies and tactics used" by authorities. 

Police allegedly told those involved in the drug searches that the process was the promoter's policy, however organisers responded in the Facebook direct message, "Cops are lying why would we want that on our customers".

"I was about to hand my ticket in when the sniffer dog started sniffing and following me," the punter told The Music.

"The police officer pulled me aside and asked if I had drugs on me. I said no and he said 'I think you do and we are going to strip search you'. Then, they took me aside and I was strip searched completely naked in a small room.

"No drugs or drug paraphernalia were found on me but I was told that I couldn't come into the festival and it was a new policy that the venue made.

"I started asking about why this wasn't told to us before the event but any police officer I asked said they couldn't comment or that it was the venue or organisers' policy."

News Corp has also reported a number of other alleged instances in which ticketholders were denied entry despite being found with no drugs.

In a statement given to The Music, NSW police claim that 97 of the 14,000 attendees were refused entry. 

"If you are suspected of drugs or alcohol, you will be refused entry into the event," the statement reads.
"Our top priority for police is the safety of all event staff, performers and music fans throughout the festival.

"Those refused entry were provided a full refund.

"We want everyone to have a great time but we won’t tolerate behaviour that risks the safety of others."

The allegations come after police reported thousands of drugs being seized from the event.

HSU has today issued a statement responding to the allegations; see the full post below.