Harts has opened up on his impromptu act at the conclusion of his Bluesfest set this past weekend, where he destroyed his "beloved" guitar in a rage

After taking to Twitter to say it was the result of "all the bottled up rejection, failures, and unachieved goals over the last 10 years", the Melbourne artist appeared on Hack yesterday to explain further. 

"One thing is we had technical issues on stage, that was really getting to me," he said.

"And lately I’ve been really reflective about my music and 10 years of music and making music.

"I've been struggling with the concept that the appeal of Harts may be too niche. That was really adding to my frustration of my thoughts on continuing as Harts and things like that.

"It was completely spontaneous, and to be honest I wish I didn’t do it because I loved that guitar."

Harts' famous meet-up with Prince at his Paisley Park home in 2014 was considered his shot to stardom. However, the Indian-born songwriter says his relationship with the music icon was "a blessing and a curse".

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"...It gave me that overnight platform and name, and that was something I didn’t expect, and there was that constant comparison to him that I was yet to shake," Harts said.

"People rarely let my music as Harts stand alone without referencing Prince, and I feel that was not the reason he wanted to meet me and that was not the reason for the trip.

"That was definitely something he told me in person, that he did not want me to live in the shadow of him.

"I feel a lot of people pigeonholed me as a certain type of artist. I still want to pursue music but at this moment I’m reassessing the future of the Harts project."

Addressing speculation of his retirement, Harts hinted that he still has aspirations record music, just not how you'd expect it.

"Sometimes I want to make music without guitars. And that’s a big deal for some people that have been following me for this long," he said.

"Sometimes doing music without the guitar isn’t Harts in a way, but it’s still me, it’s still Darren Hart, behind it."

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