Now well over a year since he teamed up with Paces for a hugely-successful collaboration and Splendour In The Grass set, Guy Sebastian has admitted that he was nervous leading up to the project. 

Ater performing their critically-acclaimed cover of LDRU's Keeping Score on triple j's Like A Version, which also cracked this year's Hottest 100, Sebastian said he "wrongly assumed" what fans would think. 

"I'll be honest… I think I wrongly assumed that people might be weird about it," he said while appearing on this week's The Music Podcast With Dave & Neil.

"People weren't weird about it at all. [The] Triple j audience are an educated audience. If they hear something that sonically is cool, or sonically doesn't sound terrible, they're gonna like it."

On the ensuing Splendour 2016 set, Sebastian said, "I was scared, I've gotta be honest.

"I think I go there feeling like I'm gonna be judged so I get nervous and I'm a bit self-doubting…"

However, any nerves went out the window the second Sebastian took to the stage for soundcheck. 

"Everyone in the crowd starting cheering and stuff and it almost gave me this sense of relief," he said, adding with a laugh, "Because I went there thinking, like, 'Will I get bottled or something?'"

Listen to the full podcast below. 

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