A string of racist and abusive comments has flooded Aussie hip hop artist L-FRESH The LION's YouTube Creators For Change music video today.

The clip for the Western Sydney-based songwriter's track, Raci$t/Our World, is currently featured on the homepage of the Australian YouTube page and has so far garnered over 60,000 views. 

While many have praised the song, there have been some horrific comments left on the thread. 

One user's comment reads, "Globalist faggot! You should whinge and complain about White people back in the shit hole country you belong in", while another reads, "Fuck off you Punjabi cunt".

Ironically, the powerful message of Raci$t/Our World speaks directly to such negative comments which can be noted in the lyric, "Surrounded by man-made walls, we're all prisoners/Trapped in a cycle of comments, sections and statuses/Void of any compassion, facts or analysis", which is why LION has purposely allowed the hateful comments to remain there.

LION said of the track following its release last month, "We don't talk about racism at a systemic level enough. The video highlights the need for us to move into that space so we can address the root causes".

Watch the clip below.

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