After over seven years in the role, Caroline Gates has announced she will be moving on from the position of Program Director at FBi Radio.

Gates played a pivotal role in defining the sound of the independent Sydney station, including the launch of FBi Click and FBi's Northern Lights, and trained hundreds of broadcasters and young content creators. 

"It's been such an honour to hold a job that involves helping hundreds of Sydney's best and brightest to do wonderful things," Gates said.

"The station has shaped my life in a profound way, and thinking back over all the projects I've worked on and the people I've worked with, I hope I've been able to shape it for the better in return. Now someone else will get a go and I can't wait to see what they do.

"I'm ready and excited for the next steps - mine and FBi's."

FBi Managing Director, Claire Holland, said of the news, "Caroline has been such a fundamental part of the station for such a long time.

"She's provided such steady guidance and support for so many here and made an indelible stamp on Sydney culture. She's so loved here and will be missed but I'm excited for her and what comes next."

Applications for the vacant position are now open and candidates will need to have a love of new music and emerging culture. 

Applications close at 5pm on Monday, 2 October; click here for more details.