Ambleside are pursuing the sounds and experiences that make up a large part of their lives; a strong DIY ethic, touring with friends and providing a platform of songs and values to connect and engage with. The band have backed this up by tirelessly notching up eight Australian east coast tours within three years supporting an array of well-known international and local acts. Ambleside also headed overseas to record their Sophomore EP, Shape Me; a record described as six tracks with six personalities.

Bec Stevens

Originally hailing from Tassie, Bec Stevens found a second home in Adelaide four years ago. The emerging singer- songwriter has been listed as one of the best lyricists and vocalists in the country, with her honest lyricism leaving you wondering whether your heart is about to swell or snap. Self-described as an “angst ridden, hormonal, post-teen sad sack“, the music rings true to the description, delving into the hardships and heartbreak of lost relationships, missing home and family.


For over seven years, Grenadiers punk/rock straddling fury has seen them rise above the tangle of middle-of-the-road domestic rock. The trio claimed Triple J feature album status for their acclaimed second LP Summer in 2015, touring nationally with legendary bands and decamping to the UK to dominate at The Great Escape.

She's The Band

Originally five, down to a four piece, She's The Band mix punk rock with a dash of hardcore. They sing about the stuff that matters - pro equality, anti-racism, pro-mates and pubs. She's The Band have fun, make music and party hard. If you like it, that's great, if you don't that's fine too.

Standard Union

 The past 15 years have seen Standard Union play hundreds of shows across the globe, sharing the stage with the likes of The Business, The Vibrators, Anti-Nowhere League, The Unseen, Dayglo Abortions, The Mahones, H-Block 101, Slick 46 and Mutiny.


Raised on a diet of salt, sand and the occasional snag, Stork take influence from Aussie acts including Bad//Dreems, SKEGSS and Drunk Mums as well as international outfits like The Black Lips and FIDLAR. With a spate of music ready to be released in the bottom-half of 2017, there’s no better time to drop in on the party wave that is Stork.

Superdose Gangway

Superdose Gangway began in late 2015 as a first-time collaboration between long-time friends Max Tulysewski and Liam Gare, formed as the result of a shared love of emo revivalists The Hotelier, Into It. Over It. and Tiny Moving Parts. In 2016, Superdose Gangway embarked on a project called ‘twenty-six songs in twenty-sixteen’ which saw them composing, recording and releasing a new song every fortnight.

Young Offenders

Energetic Brit style indie punk band Young Offenders burst onto the Adelaide music scene in early 2013, and have been steadily gaining a reputation playing venues around the city. Playing alongside bands such as The Dead Kennedys, The Exploited, The Ruts, Stiff Little Fingers, The Bennies, The Cribs, San Cisco, Bad//Dreems, the band also ventured overseas last month.