Whether you're a triple j or Triple M guy, the radio stations' recent throwdown was a LOT of fun to watch. 

Now, with results of the third survey for 2017 being delivered this morning, the question has to be asked — did the feud boost or burst triple j's ratings? 

See the metro ratings figures below. Click on image for larger version.


Triple J breakfast hosts Ben & Liam's take on the Triple M network garnered the new anchors some street cred but it wasn't enough to pull in the big numbers, with the duo dropping 0.2 points for a share of 5.3, against Triple M's The Grill Team's 5.7 share. 

The youth broadcaster did have the last laugh as far as the overall weekday share is concerned however, as it pulled a 5.8 rating, just ahead of Triple M's 5.7.

Smooth FM again came out on top for FM stations, claiming an overall weekday share of 11.0, way ahead of second-placed KIIS FM who nabbed a share 8.9.


Despite not being able to beat Triple M's heavyweight Hot Breakfast show, Ben & Liam did triple j proud, increasing their share 1.0 points, to clinch a 3.9 rating. The jump was helpful enough for the network's overall weekday share to go up by 0.5 points and claim a 4.3 share.

Thanks to Hamish & Andy's huge drive slot numbers (an increase of 2.4 for a 12.7 rating), 101.9 Fox FM have taken out the FM crown with an overall weekday share of 10.5. 


Triple j had a so-so outing in the Brisbane market, dropping its overall weekday share by 0.1 to clinch a 6.4 rating, despite Ben & Liam increasing the breakfast ratings to a 6.0 share.

Nova 106.9 are the biggest winners from the third survey, making giant leaps in a number of categories — an increase of 3.4 in the mornings slot, an increase of 2.5 in afternoon and drive and 2.0 in breakfast — ensuring they are the city's most listened to FM station with an overall weekday share of 16.3.


Ben & Liam again helped triple j increase its breakfast share by 0.3 points, but despite this the station has pulled in the exact overall weekday share from the last outing — 8.8.

Nova 93.7 pulled ahead in the breakfast ratings to again take out #1 for FM stations, thanks to an increase of 1.8, but it wasn't enough to take down Mix 94.5 who are again Perth's most listened to FM station, with an overall weekday share of 15.6.


Earlier in the year, Ben & Liam had some serious hometown support and it showed in the ratings, but the Adelaide market has not been kind to them this time, with ratings showing that the boys dropped 0.9 points for a share of 6.6.

The race to #1 for FM breakfast was a tight one, but Mix 102.3 have retained the honours even with a drop of 1.0, to beat Triple M and Nova 91.9 to the punch. 

The impressive breakfast numbers also ensured Mix stayed as the city's favourite station, as it pulled an overall weekday share of 12.1.